Top Companies for Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada for Immigrant


If you have wondered how to get a job in Canada as a factory worker, this has been made easy by the availability of top companies for factory workers in Canada. Being mostly an entry-level position, which at times does not require any previous experience, it is one of the positions anyone can get.

However, the process of seeking employment can be tasking when one doesn’t know where to look. This is why a guideline is sure to point one in the right direction. In this article, we will unveil the top companies for Factory Workers in Canada that have been known for competitive pay, great benefits, and a non-toxic work environment.

Who is a Factory Worker?

A factory worker otherwise referred to as a blue-collar worker or technical laborer is an individual employed to carry out designated duties majorly at a factory. This means the employee’s work location is within a factory and they are expected to be a part of the production or manufacturing process. Now, since the duties in factories vary, a factory worker may be assigned different kinds of duties. Some may be employed to work on product assembly, some operate the production machinery, some can the products while some may even be in charge of sorting the products. Oftentimes, to qualify as a factory worker requires only a high school diploma certificate and some years of experience. At times, experience is not needed because the employer will provide training. However, experience or not, the employees are required to be physically fit to conveniently lift certain weights. They are also required to be fit to walk, stand, and bend for extended periods.

What is the job description of a factory worker?

Since the specific duties and responsibilities of a factory worker are dependent on the factory type and what is being produced, here are some general duties and responsibilities that can be found in most factories:

  • Operate and use machinery or perform manual tasks as part of the production line.
  • Diligently monitor output, pack or sort finished products
  • Careful assessment of the quality of manufactured goods to ensure they meet standards and remove defective products
  • Work in line with all safety protocols
  • Accomplish the assigned daily tasks promptly
  • Document all orders completed during the shift
  • Efficient assembling of products or parts to be sent to the next step.
  • Pack the products in the designated boxes/containers in the standard manner
  • Ensure the work environment is neat and complies with health and safety compliance.

Salary of Factory Workers in Canada

The salary of factory workers in Canada ranges based on certain factors like the organization, experience level, and the location of the job. The average salary range is C$14 – C$22. Therefore, the average yearly range is C$29k – C$48k.

Top Companies for Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Getting factory worker jobs in Canada is mostly done through Human resource and Staffing companies that act as a middleman between the employer and the employee to select the most suitable candidate for the jobs. Here are some of the top companies that can get applicants for factory worker jobs in Canada and their salary per hour


This Human Resources and staffing company was founded in 2014 and it is located in St-Laurent QC, Canada. The job pay for factory work is $19.04 per hour. This company has been highly rated as one of the best where employees find purpose, satisfaction, and accomplishment. TalentWorld strives to Foster a meaningful relationship between people and their employers. With TalentWorld, those seeking factory worker jobs can find the ideal job that enables them to showcase their talent while doing what they are passionate about and meets their unique wants.



The next on the list is Boxnaster. One of the things that makes this organization the ideal one for seeking factory worker jobs is that it is one of the longest manufacturers in Vancouver Lower Mainland, being established in 1981. Although they have relocated to a new facility on Annacis Island in Delta, B.C. The pay is $16.41 per hour. This company is a long-term supplier of corrugated packaging for different industries. They have been in the business for over 30 years and their presence has been well-established within the industry.

IS2 Workforce Solutions

This company was founded in 1995 and it is located on Hurontario Street Brampton, ON. The pay for factory work is $18.58 per hour. This organization is one of the foremost Canadian-owned-and-operated providers of recruitment solutions. IS2 Workforce Solutions has been operational for over 25 years, and through this period, they have built their reputation as a standard bridge between employees and employers. So, this is one of the perfect companies to seek factory worker jobs in Canada. Rest assured that you will work with a safe employer and whether you seek short-term employment or a long-term career, you will find it with them.

Advantage Group

This company is another long-term establishment. It was founded in 1986 and is known for prioritizing positive corporate culture. The Advantage Group is a reputable firm that matches the best applicants to the best companies. The pay for the position of a factory worker is $15.12 per hour. With this group, you can find your dream job which can be short-term, contract, or direct hire placements.

HCR Personnel Solutions Inc

This is another renowned company through which you can get a factory job in Canada and it has its Headquarters in Etobicoke, Canada. With HCR Personnel Solutions Inc., the pay for this position is $17.47 per hour. Having been in the industry for 25 years, they have built a reputable presence in the market and have been known to find the best job for applicants and vice versa. When you apply through this company you will benefit from working in a clean and safe environment with COVID-19 safety precautions in place. You will also get weekly pay, and accessible work locations with a variety of shifts to meet your specific needs.


Every job seeker aims to work with a company that will compensate employees fairly, can aid personal growth, and prioritize the employees while being a team player and contributing positively to the organization’s growth and vision. This and more you can achieve with these listed organizations in your quest to be a factory worker. Do more research on these companies, know their requirements, and follow the requirements of applying for the position. Good luck!